Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Local Lavender Blooms in Fraser Hill?

These blue blooms were really beautiful. Grown just outside Shahzan Inn of Fraser Hill. Local lavender? Didn't smell like lavender though. If my nose had gone any closer to sniff it again, a bee would have ended up in my nostrils.

Fraser Hill has new amenities. My one-night trip was too short to fully explore the facelift this place has undergone. Enjoyed the rojak buah that the new food court offered. Tauhu bakar would have added a kick to this dish. Other dishes included chicken satay, nasi empit. Fair price of 50 cents per satay stick which included nasi empit. Peanut sauce was way too oily though.

Fraser Hill Sunset

Sunset at Fraser Hill. Shot taken right after my friend Kalpana and I spotted a Slow Loris mother and baby at Telekom Loop hill forest right after bungalow with milestone v3. Thanks to Dure. Lovely 28th March 2010.



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