Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yellow Throated Marten at Fraser Hill

Yellow-throated Marten was sighted at the New Gap Road on 23 November 2013 evening by my friend Fong Lin and myself.

I first saw three adult Marten running from thick foliage of hillside across the tarred road into the bushy undergrowth further downhill. These three animals had rich glossy yellow and brown tail and bounded across the tarred road in so silently in a very otter-like manner. I was too stunned with the beauty, speed and grace of these animals to reach for my camera in time. I could just stand in awe as one ran passed, followed by the second and then a third, with a few seconds of interval in between. These martens didn't all run out in a group. I waited for a few minutes before continuing my walk further down the New Gap Road. 
Ecology Asia's description and picture of the Yellow -Throated Marten
matches the mammal I had seen. Below pic of the 8th KM milestone marker for the Gap along the New Road. My friend and I walked until this milestone and then back-tracked upwards towards Fraser Hill.
 We had reached the same spot where the three Martens had ran passed me earlier and this time, we saw one more adult Marten (not sure if it is the FOURTH Yellow-throated Marten). The adult ran across the tarred road, followed by a smaller-sized Marten. The baby Marten stopped in the middle of the road, looked curiously at both my friend and I and then jumped onto the opposite pavement. It disappeared into the undergrowth where the three Martens had gone into earlier. Below pictures of my friend Fong Lin pointing to the smaller baby Marten.
Think this is a family of Martens with the baby traveling behind them, with the adults going ahead first to ensure a safe passage for the youngest Marten:)



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