Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Naturally Langkawi on a Monday

The fig trees at the front of the Andaman Resort were brimming with activity every morning with birds like the Thick-Billed Pigeons, Oriental Pied Hornbills, all flying in for breakfast, followed by a family of Dusky Leaf Langur and a few Long tail Macaques. The latter according to the nature guide would also frequent the mangrove mudflats along the Langkawi's coast, to hunt and catch crabs. 

A member of the Leaf Langur
My friend and I spent Monday driving around Langkawi Island in our rented MyVi. Temurun waterfall was near Andaman and we walked up to view the falls up close though it was more like looking at water cascading down the face of a steep cliff - it had not rained much in Langkawi for the past few days.

Temurun Waterfall
We stopped for lunch at  Scarborough's, famous for their Fish and Chips. Scarborough's was located in Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi.

Fish & Chips restaurant with one of the loveliest beach views

View of Tanjung Rhu from Scarborough Cafe
Pan-fried Pollock with Chips

We ended up spending the whole afternoon in Kuah town centre. Laksa Power was on afternoon tea menu list before we headed over to Bon Ton restaurant for strawberry smoothies. Bon Ton had a lovely pond which was teeming with waterbirds such as Lesser Whistling Duck, Purple Swamphens, Purple Heron.
Pond at Bon Ton Langkawi

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Naturally Langkawi on a Sunday

The flight from KL (via KLIA2) to Langkawi was less than an hour. My friend and I arrived safely in Langkawi Airport on a very bright sunny Sunday morning. First stop was at Telaga Harbour for brunch at The Loaf. My "Cube Coffee" and Smoked Salmon Foccacia took quite a while to arrive but then it was a Sunday after all. The Loaf Langkawi is still the only Cafe in all of Malaysia that serves this "Cube Coffee". 

Cube Coffee

Smoked Salmon Foccacia

We made a quick stop at Oriental Village to visit the 2014 Asian Bird Fair that was being hosted by Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) before checking in at the Andaman Resort. Most of the afternoon was spent gazing out at the clear waters of the Andaman sea from the deck chair. The Resort's Coral Nursery was an amazing initiative by the Resort to regenerate the corals, a large part of which had been wiped out by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
Diver "planting" corals in the pool
Corals "blooming" underwater
Diver tending to her Coral Garden
We could feed the fishes in the Coral Nursery though

Looks like fully grown corals

Can you spot Nemo in the Sea Anemone above?

We thought this was a coral but it was actually a Starfish which lived in this nursery

We explored the grounds of the Andaman Resort that Sunday night with our nature guide looking for Colugos and saw these flying lemurs gliding so silently from one tree to the next. Fruit bats, flying squirrels and the red eye shine of the civet cat were also seen during this interesting night walk. Not to forget the resident Tokay Gecko which lives under the eaves of the balcony in the Reception area of the Resort.



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