Monday, February 20, 2017

Peregrine Falcon Found on a Friday

Screeching calls of the Peregrine falcon that made me focused on this block of condominium in Goh Tong Jaya, Genting Highlands that Friday evening. I had been unwell that day having visited a clinic in KL early in the afternoon. Decided that the nearest place for me to recuperate and take in some mountain air was Genting Highlands. Left KL by 5pm, took the DUKE highway (slow drive as I stopped for breaks to take my medications) and reached Goh Tong Jaya by 6pm. Spent a few minutes in Awana observing the Stripe-throated Bulbul and Striped Tit Babblers in the Garden/Park just outside Awana Resort. Mosquitoes were everywhere in the Awana Garden/Park so I drove to Goh Tong Sports complex to bird around that area instead. There was a fruiting tree within the Lavender farm next to the Strawberry Gardens, which was frequented by the usual garden birds. It was around 6.45pm when I spotted the pair of Peregrine falcons perched on the tip of the condo block.          
The female P. falcon was noticeably larger than the male species. The latter was just perched on tip of rooftop behind the female P. falcon (see top picture). The male P. falcon flew off towards the opposite block of condominium towards the ledge of one of the condo units. Whether it was preparing to nest on the ledge, I can only guess at best and how I wished I was the occupant of that condo unit!   
This looked to be a 20-storey condo block. The Security Guard only allowed me a few minutes inside the Mawar apartments courtyard to take a closer look at this pair of Peregrine falcon. I lost sight of the male P. falcon when I was in the main courtyard - only the female P. falcon was visible at that particular angle. I had to walk back towards the Guardhouse in order for the male P. falcon to come into view again (together with the female P. falcon) through my camera lenses.   
This pair of Peregrine falcon ruled the skies above Goh Tong Jaya that Friday evening. I had to exit the Mawar apartments by 7pm but I continued to walk around the perimeters of the Sports complex where the pair was still in sight. This species of falcon is after all the fastest flyers on earth and is known to hunt, kill and feed on prey larger than its size. The peregrine has been known to reach speeds of up to 200km an hour when it dives towards earth from skies above ("Stooping") according to Extreme Science website. A human being who parachutes from several thousand feet in the air could not even reach that kind of speed! Peregrine falcon mates for life which is another interesting fact about this raptor species - some human beings don't even stay faithful (and/or married) to each other for life. Divorce is a separation process unique only to us human beings.   

The formidable female P. falcon surveys her territory above, and together with the male P. falcon look in picture below, perched on top of this condo block for quite a long period of time.
Can you spot the pair of Peregrine falcon from the picture below?
I stayed on to observe this pair of Peregrine falcon until 7.30pm. All the weariness and tiredness in me slowly melted away as I took my evening walk around this area, observing this amazing pair of falcons until dusk in Goh Tong Jaya. I had not seen Peregrine falcons for the longest time. Ulu Kali, Genting Highlands was my next birdwatching destination....... 


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