Friday, July 9, 2010

Journey Malaysia

I love the writing of Journey Malaysia and the pictures in their site at

Lovely words used to describe Fraser Hill - ethereal, peaceful, calming

Lovely phrases
- soap bubbles floating on a breeze
- low, lingering clouds enveloping the rolling hills
- thin frail mist
- enchanting forest in the clouds
- sublime forest of moss-draped trees and filmy ferns
- forest looks, feels and smells prehistoric
- old colonial charm
- time stood still
- fading elegance

The story of the elusive Scotsman & discoverer of the hill, Louise James Fraser, how he built his wealth on tin ore (and indirectly through opium & gambling dens) to his mysterious disappearance is spell-binding.

I also liked the story of the Hainanese who were employed to cook and maintain the English cottages and bungalows. Their fierce loyalty is an admirable. When out of employment during British departure, they opened up now famous coffee shops in KL and other cities. Wonder if Old Town, Hainan Kopitiam, Nanyang Coffee, Kluang Station, 434 Coffee etc. are gifts of the Hainanese legacy?

Interesting to note that Ye Olde Smokehouse used to be a place for British army soldiers to rest and recover from their war injuries. The Smokehouse now serves English Tea and scones. Their rooms are the priciest of accommodation in Fraser's though.



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