Saturday, October 3, 2015

PD Teluk Kemang and Tanjung Tuan in September 2015

Italian ice-cream is still available at Tino's Pizza!

High tide on Sunday evening so was unable to walk right up to the edge of the mangroves in Tanjung Tuan. Windy Sunday morning at Ilham Resort. The greenery of the Resort which greeted us when we went for our breakfast, was a very welcome sight for sore eyes.

A migratory shrike flew into view and perched on the reflexology signboard at Ilham Resort around 10.30am. This bulky bird then flew off to perch on the flagpost, and looked like it was surveying the beach of Tanjung Tuan for possible prey. 

Dead turtle spotted during low tide on late Monday morning. Such a sad sight.

Yet in such sadness, there remains hope for the survival of the turtle population in Tanjung Tuan. Baby turtles (look like Hawksbill species) are being taken care of in the Hatchery at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson.



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