Monday, June 22, 2015

My Garden Birdwatch 2015

It had been unusually hot and dry in Kuala Lumpur, previous few days before the start of My Garden Birdwatch 2015. That Sunday morning was bright by 7am, hot and quite windless. Never noticed the big flock of pigeons that were perching and walking about the different levels of neighbour's condo block. The pigeons may be nesting on the ledges of neighbour's condo block. Common Myna (2) were having a good meal of what looked like the remnants of a palm oil fruit, until Javan Myna came to share it but it was chased away by pair of Common Myna. Completed my count at 7.30am.

Left rooftop garden by 7.45am, with Asian Koel continuing its call well after that. Shared the joy of
participating in MYGB 2015 with my nephew during Sunday lunch. Garden birds sighted that Sunday morning were recorded and submitted online through My Garden Birdwatch 2015's website. Very interesting to see 10 different species of birds in half an hour on a rooftop garden within KL. Can't wait to see the results of MYGB Survey 2015 which according to the website will be announced on 31st August 2015, Malaysia's 58th Independence Day celebration. MYGB 2015 is a very interesting non-profit project run by the Bird Conservation Council of Malaysian Nature Society. Count sheet contained lovely photographs of Malaysian Garden Birds, copyrighted to MNS.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

KL Bird Park 2015 with Family

Day trip to KL Bird Park with my family. Friendly pelican greeting us. 

Crested Victorian Pigeons roamed freely in the Park. Owls were also on display. Recognized the Buffy Fish Owl, Oriental Bay Owl and Brown Wood Owl. The wood owl was particularly vocal that day, screeching away. Have seen this owl before in Fraser Hill. Spotted a Wreathed Hornbill which looked like the female hornbill perched on wooden bench with a menagerie of macaws, cockatoos in one of the display areas set up by the KL Bird Park. Remembered the wild Wreathed Hornbill that flew across the Straits of Malacca towards Tanjung Tuan from Pulau Rupat during Raptor Watch 2015.  
Small flock of flamingoes inhabited the small lake nearby the Waterfall at the Bird Park. Shy-looking flamingoes, burying their heads in their bodies, until a Pelican decided to join them.....

The lone Pelican did not get a warm welcome from the flamingoes though...  

Straw-headed Bulbul flew and perched on a tree near the river where the Scarlet Ibis was. Birdlife International listed this species of bulbul as Vulnerable under the IUCN Red List category. BirdLife's website information on Straw-headed Bulbul states the bird's ecology ie habitat as bordering rivers, streams, marshes & other wet areas, including secondary & disturbed primary evergreen forest, plantations, gardens & cultivation fringe, scrub, and locally, reedbeds and mangroves. The population trend for this bulbul though is sadly decreasing and one of the threats according to the website is extensive trapping for both domestic and international trade since it is a very popular cage-bird. Red-Whiskered bulbuls are popular cage-birds in Thailand and there have been awareness campaigns Thailand's conservation societies including BCST to highlight the plight of the Red-Whiskered bulbuls including creative ways during Asian Bird Fair in 2012 to encourage locals to protect this species and not keep them as caged pets. Taking the lead from Thailand's initiatives, there is still a silver lining in the cloud yet for the future of the Straw-headed bulbul. Here's hoping I (and many more Malaysians) get to see it in the wild in the future, and not just in Bird Park.     



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