Monday, April 22, 2013

KL Bird Park 2013

Blue-winged pitta. This is one bird I have always longed to see in the wild since I started birdwatching actively in 1998 but could never spot. This individual behaved very pitta-like in its shared enclosure at KL Bird Park. It shared this enclosure with the Emerald Dove and one or two other bird species but I was so engrossed in admiring this pitta that I had not jotted down what the third bird species was.
The pitta hopped onto the brick during the full 15 minutes dedicated to it and it alone. This beautiful bird maintained its mouse-like behaviour despite being kept in the enclosure. Below picture of the blue-winged pitta through the fencing of the enclosure.
Straw-headed Bulbul at the KL Bird Park! I think I spent more than 15 minutes admiring this endangered Species. This species of bulbul was featured in Bank Negara's commemorative coin edition which highlighted the endemic bird species of Malaysia.
Violet Turaco as identified later through Wikipedia at had such brilliant colours!
KL Bird Park had displayed some of these birds for public to take pictures with. If you wanted to take a picture of these birds with your camera whilst on the wooden platform, you had to pay RM10. Pictures taken by KL Bird Park photographer cost higher at RM35 per picture.
Below are a pair of mystery ducks at the Waterfall area of the KL Bird Park. Can't identify which species they belong to in Craig Robson's Birds of Southeast Asia.
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot. The red throat, green body and bluish tinge of the upperparts of the tail visible as it climbs upside down on the fence.
The blue crown of this Hanging Parrot visible through picture below as it enjoys the apple slice below.
Hill Mynah. There was a pair in this enclosure.
Three owl species which the KL Bird Park placed on the wooden platform for public to snap pictures at a fee of either RM10 or RM35. Hope the monies go back towards the maintenance and well-being of these owl species. 
Rufous-Bellied Hawk-Eagle. Solitary hawk-eagle in the enclosure.
Cockatoo and Parrots of Indonesia and Australia are also kept by KL Bird Park.

Part Two of KL Bird Park 2013 coming soon...

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  1. It is sad to see resident species of Malaysian birds behind enclosures. The Bird Park is a good place to learn about birds for children but I believe seeing resident birds like BW Pitta, BC Hanging Parrot, Hill Mynah, Owls and Rufous-Bellied Eagle in the wild will be a much better experience for children. I hope to bring my nieces and nephews birdwatching in the wild in places like Fraser Hill, Tanjung Tuan, National Parks in Perak, Pahang, Johor etc. when they grow older. Next generation:)


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