Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birds of Fraser Hill Part 2

My friend Ang Teck Hin and I went on a very short birdwatching trip to Fraser Hill during the Wesak Day weekend of May 2013. Below his incredible shot of Blythe's Hawk-Eagle. He took just seconds to take this shot in the blazing sunlight morning along Old Gap Road. Great photographer and birder!
Species heard but not seen were the Malaysian Rail-Babbler at the Phenology Trail and the Rusty-Nape Pitta at Bishop's Trail. The Mountain Peacock Pheasant remains elusive. It was last sighted at Pine Tree Trail. We walked about 50 meters at the entrance to this Trail - wasn't there any more. The view of the distant hills was breathtaking though.  
Chestnut-crowned Warbler
Crested Serpent Eagle perched on a hot Saturday morning along the new Gap Road
Ochraceous Bulbul
Greater Green Leafbird. A few seen flying and foraging in the trees along the old Gap road.
Green-billed Malkoha. Lovely sight of this bird from third floor of Telekom Apartments at Telekom Loop.
Little Pied Flycatcher.
Blue Nuthatch. Three of these birds seen acting very mouse-like along the tree trunks at Telekom loop.

All pictures were taken by Ang Teck Hin and are also available in his Facebook page. Experienced the windy rains of Fraser Hill on a very wet Saturday afternoon after the bright sunny morning. Amazing how  wildlife adapts to the changing weather conditions in the hills. Also saw a big baboon-like monkey with pigtail and a Langur along Telekom Loop. No signs of the Slow Loris this time.


  1. Greater Green Leafbird has a more powerful beak compared to the Lesser Green Leafbird. The Lesser Green leafbird is less commonly seen though and faces threat of habitat loss (see:-

  2. Ang from Malacca. He takes such excellent pictures of birds in Fraser Hill!


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