Friday, February 28, 2014

Birds in Batik Motif

The company I work for organized a day trip to KL and Putrajaya for friends from the Asia Pacific region. One of the visits was to a Batik shop in Batu Caves that have been operating since the 1970s called East Coast Chong Batik. Spotted Batik motif with bird themes. These are the creations of the painters themselves. How they drew these species of birds and from where they got their inspiration remain a mystery. Colours and details of these birds really stood out in the paintings and I can only make guesses.... 

 Birds of paradise in above Batik Painting.  Exotic-looking pair of Bitterns in painting below:-

 These look like cattle egrets flying towards a coconut tree in painting above whilst below a Watercock or Purple Swamphen with two flying birds:-

Which mysterious species of white-throated songbirds depicted in Batik Painting above.

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  1. Have seen really beautiful artwork of birds in lobby of Puri Denpasar Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia when I was there for work purpose way back in September 2015.


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