Thursday, July 31, 2014

Restaurant Weng Yin Seafood Teluk Kemang

Malaysia's seaside resort of Port Dickson is full of surprises. From my first trip there during the inaugural Malaysian Raptor Watch 2000, until now 2014, I didn't know this Restaurant existed. Based on a few blogs that I've read, the review was generally good. However, nothing beats experiencing it for oneself. There was a new fully air-conditioned extension built next to the open air block. Sign of the growing popularity of this seafood restaurant.

Here were the dishes ordered for my family of five, including my niece and nephew:-

Hokkien Mee, which consisted of less-thicker egg noodle as it seems Port Dickson locals prefer this version. My niece and nephew finished their portions in record time.

This is perhaps one of the best bamboo clams I've ever had. Cooked Kam Heong style, each bamboo clam was succulent.
Beancurd cooked Kung Po style was for my mother as she is vegetarian. Complemented the seafood dishes.
Clams cooked in ginger sauce was nice. Huge clam shells but the clams were quite small.
Three-flavour fish was the signature dish of this Weng Yin Seafood Restaurant. So crunchy that even the tail was edible.
Fried prawns was ordered by my Father. Gone in a matter of minutes so I take it he enjoyed it very much.

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  1. There is now an ice-cream parlour and satay stall on weekends just next to this restaurant


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