Monday, March 2, 2015

New Pair of Swallows ushering in Chinese New Year 2015

New pair of Swallows were ushering in Chinese New Year 2015 with my family in Segamat. They looked to be nesting again this 2015 on top of the electricity meter reader just outside the door of my family home. According to this British Garden Birds website, the barn swallow nest has been recorded to last as long as 50 years.

The sight of this pair of Swallows herald the coming of Spring in temperate countries. Sticky Nian Gao made from Glutinous Rice Flour & Brown Sugar is one of the must-have for Chinese New Year.

                            Morning breakfast of hot steaming vegetarian buns before we headed to the Chinese Temple on the first day of Chinese New Year. The resplendent white and gold lion heads greeted us at the entrance. We were lucky to have caught the lion dance which began shortly after. We continued to usher in the New Year at the temple, lighting candles and placing joss-sticks with our heartfelt petitions to the heavens to wish for a peaceful, prosperous and safe Year of the Wooden Green Goat. Flowers and kumquats surrounded the entrance to the main hall of the temple. 

My brother-in-law who is from China recorded a video on Chinese New Year 2015 summed up in 3 minutes, what took place in a week during their first trip to celebrate CNY with us in Malaysia.

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