Friday, August 7, 2015

Monkey business in the Hill Forest

Langur sitting on electrical pole and behaving very man-like in the hill forest of Fraser Hill. Spotted this monkey on Saturday 25th July evening nearby Jelai highland resort. The latter has become an eyesore to the hill with total lack of maintenance. The langur was a very welcome sight to this part of the hill. Does look like the White-Thighed Surili which according to Arkive website is listed as Near-Threatened Species in CITES Convention List. 


  1. Many monkeys have to migrate when their home is cleared to build houses for human beings. We talk about Human Rights, what about Monkey's Rights? Right to co-exist with human beings?

  2. Gray Langurs or Hanuman Langurs are the most widespread in South Asia according to Wikipedia at The Fraser Hill White-thighed Leaf Monkey looks so similar to these Gray Langurs.

  3. "A Passion for Birds" a book by First Lady of Bird Photography, Ong Kiem Sian has a beautiful picture of this White-Thighed Langur/Leaf Monkey. Very sad to learn of her passing away in 2009 at Bird Ecology Study Group website


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