Thursday, September 17, 2015

Red Bearded Bee Eater of Fraser Hill

Red Bearded Bee-Eater that I used to see very often when I stayed in Jelai Highland Resort. Room 201 was the favorite amongst avid birdwatchers and I have seen this RB Bee-Eater perching on a tree branch just outside this room many years ago when Jelai was open to the public. That Resort has fallen into hard times, a white elephant in Fraser Hill for the past few years. Am glad I saw this Bee-Eater in Fraser Hill when I was there in July 2015. I heard it calling when I was walking along the Old Gap Road towards the Fraser Hill Gate Entrance. This RB Bee-Eater has a very unusual call. It sounds like a frog croaking.....well more of a frog with a bad sore throat, croaking.   

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  1. Smokehouse in Fraser Hill has good afternoon tea. Apple Pie, Scones and tea were not bad. Nice to eat Apple Pie and drink tea in cool weather.


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