Monday, November 9, 2015

Clear Blue Skies in Genting Highlands October 2015

We had just taken a short lunch break at around 1pm and continued exploring the forest that surrounded this old road. Pleasant surprise to see this Honey Buzzard at the top of Genting Highlands. Seen soaring along the forest canopy alongside this old road earlier before it was spotted flying closer to us before it perched on the tree, when we were walking back to Ang's four-wheel. It was just around 3pm on a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon, end-October 2015. Having lunch of fried rice with homemade chicken curry (brought all the way from Malacca by Raj) at 1,000m above sea level, amidst cool mountain breeze, was simply unforgettable.   

Birdwatchers from Malacca and Negeri Sembilan, CT Chan, Raj, Vuthy and myself, and lead by Ang Teck Hin, our birding guru. Realized I was sunburnt the next day but I didn't mind. All in, 33 species of montane & sub-montane birds were seen on that Saturday morning from 9am to 6pm. Seeing all these birds and the clear blue skies in Genting Highlands made every second of the outing memorable.


  1. Landslide at Bukit Tinggi was reported in the news on 11th November 2015. Tweet from the Malaysian Highway Authority reported that the landslide was at KM52.4 of the KL-Karak Highway & all lanes were affected. Road users were advised to postpone their journeys using this highway. Road users from KL were encouraged to exit at Genting Sempah & those from Kuantan to exit at Bentong.

  2. This looks nearby to Genting Highland Resort World.

  3. Be careful when you drive to Genting Highlands using KL-Karak Highway especially during monsoon season. Landslides can happen during rainy season.


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