Thursday, December 15, 2016

Butterworth Penang - wader watching at Bagan Belat

Little Egret amongst the Great Egrets with a Grey Heron just about to land, in the waters of Bagan Belat. This stretch of the beach in Butterworth, Penang is a haven for waders. Didn't venture further to Teluk Air Tawar to explore the beach there.
View of Penang Island in the distance. Was wader watching under the shades of Warung Kulat which was closed since Monday was a public holiday in Malaysia. My late grand-aunt used to reside in Butterworth. I remembered visiting her home during my school holidays. My maternal aunts took us to the beach in Butterworth to dig for clams and bought us Pasembor for tea. The scenery in Bagan Belat brought back fond childhood memories for me. My eldest aunt is now residing in Perth, Australia. 
Solitary Brown-headed Gull amongst the waders. This gull is significantly larger than the terns that were out and about that Monday afternoon in Bagan Belat. Choy Wai Mun has a much clearer picture of this Gull in his blog where he writes about Bagan Belat below:-

The Penang Birder: The one that didn't get away: Air Hitam Dalam has been struggling to return back to its former self after the uprooting of one of its main trees. This morning’s birding ...


  1. Sweet memories in Butterworth with Aunty Lily and her and brother

    1. Aunty Lily's sisters are in Butterworth and Penang. We met one of her sisters and her brother at Felix and Nan wedding in Thailand. Lovely family reunion. Ai Ling treated us to dinner at the restaurant in Bangsaen Heritage Hotel:)


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