Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Leaf Monkeys at Shah Alam Botanical Garden and the Elusive Pitta

A group of leaf monkeys (Langurs) were out having breakfast at Shah Alam Botanical Gardens as I began my search for the Hooded Pitta. Couldn't resist observing this group of six langurs jumping about in this tree. One of the langurs spotted a leafy part of the tree......
This top part of leaf bunch looks good so it plucks it out and eats it Ulam-style.....
Munch munch.................
And the third langur joins it for breakfast:) These two were sitting very comfortably on the branches right at the tree-top level. The Hooded Pitta remains elusive on that hot Saturday morning. Total of nine species of birds were seen from 7.55am onwards as recorded in my eBird Checklist and that was confined to this one single path that I was on that day. Checkout an earlier outing to Shah Alam Botanical Gardens in 2016 which can be read here

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  1. Must bring family to four seasons experience at the botanical gardens


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