Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monkey business in Taman Botani Shah Alam and Hooded Pitta

I usually post pictures of birds since this is mainly a blog about birdwatching but these Dusky Leaf Monkeys were irresistably cute. A group of them were jumping from tree to tree near the public swimming pool in Botanical Gardens, Shah Alam (Taman Botani Shah Alam). Pool area is now closed to public with red tape sealed all around it. So monkeys were having a FIELD DAY that Saturday afternoon. The Hooded Pitta was seen so that's a tick for my checklist:) Avian species that I was able to see (definitely two heads and four eyes are better than one) have been recorded in eBird Malaysia. My checklist is available here. Five species of Pittas (Pittidae family) which can be found in Malaysia are described further in Malaysian Birds website.  
Single individual Dusky Leaf Monkey was joined by a second one a few minutes later......
Enjoying their tea-break of coconut leaf plucked straight off the frond of the tree!
Al fresco dining amongst the Botanical Gardens.
Avian species and Leaf Monkeys co-existing in harmony at Botanical Gardens - lessons to be learnt for humankind.

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  1. Blue-winged Pitta has been seen at FRIM Kepong.....praying hard can see not just 1 but some soon:)


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