Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Philippine Cockatoo Festival 2017 in Palawan Island

Philippine Cockatoo Festival 2017 in Palawan Island: Wild Bird Club Malaysia (WBCM) was invited by Wild Bird Club Philippines (WBCP) to attend the 11th Katala (Philippine Cockatoo) Festival...

90 Philippine Cockatoos joined this solitary Cockatoo later that evening in Narra, Palawan Island. Fond memories from Katala Festival 2017. The three rescued Cockatoos (left pic) in Biodiversity Centre, Palawan Island which is managed by Indira and Peter Widmann. These three cockatoos were rescued and placed under the care of the Biodiversity Centre. These rescued cockatoos were headed for a bleak future in the caged birds industry. These birds were rescued from another part of the Island and there was uncertainty whether they could adapt to the environment in Rasa Island. Part of the existing colony of Cockatoos as seen that wonderful evening as below:- 

Particularly affectionate pair of Cockatoos on lower right of picture

Wild cockatoos in Malunggay Tree

"Yes dear, I'm listening dear" (pair of Cockatoo in middle of picture seems to be saying)

Cockatoos moved to roost in this coconut tree as dusk turned to night
Tender moment of preening from one cockatoo to another:)
Read more about of this amazing Cockatoos at eBon Wild Bird Club Philippines website.


  1. Katala Foundation website is at

  2. Caged cockatoos look very restless

  3. Article about Cockatoos appearing in Sicilian artwork from a historical context at

    The trade was legal back in the 13th Century. No longer in light of CITES!


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