Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Barbets in foothills of Maxwell Hill

Red-throated Barbet and Sooty (Brown) Barbets were feeding in this fruiting tree together with the flowerpeckers, bulbuls and leafbirds. Was in Taiping, Perak for the inaugural Taiping Bird Week 2017 and the foothills of Maxwell Hill was the final (post-Bird Count) birding stop, for me and Swee Peng. Read on about Barbets and all 11 Species of them in Allen J's article on Field Identification of Barbets in Peninsular Malaysia (Note: Click on title which will take you to the full article that was published in eBird Malaysia portal with many more awesome pictures of Barbets). Taiping certainly lived up to its reputation as the wettest town in Malaysia. Did not realize the Red-throated Barbet has such a bill that is so thick, long and scythe-like in terms of sharpness. Saw this same barbet during a trip to Sarawak's Borneo Highlands Resort which was reported at Into the Heart of Borneo (well, almost) – WBCM trip to Sarawak 2017: Wild Bird Club Malaysia went on an adventure in Sarawak from 15th to 18th September 2017. We arrived in Kuching airport on a sunny Friday m...   


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