Thursday, December 21, 2017

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2017 - What has Birdwatching got to do with BBW?

Big Bad Wolf held its 2017 Year-end Book Fair at Mines Convention and Exhibition Centre. Off I went with my youngest sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew to look for activity, school and story books for my niece and nephew. It was also a good opportunity to look for Bird Field Guides from around the world. More than half of the books on sale at BBW were specifically for children. The rest were mainly novels, biographies, cooking, gardening, arts with one table on Nature, which was where I spotted this Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies. Some of the islands in the West Indies are members of the Commonwealth Group, sharing common interest with Malaysia. Interesting to read about how Ian Fleming came up with the name "James Bond" for his famous 007 spy character. Ian Fleming is an active birdwatcher. He lives in Jamaica and came across the name of the ornithologist who published the definitive taxonomy Birds of West Indies. Mr Bond's field guide was featured in a scene from "Die Another Day" where the spy (role played by Pierce Brosnan) posed as an ornithologist when he introduced himself to his lady love interest (role played by Halle Berry). That famous beach scene was shot in Cuba. Read on more about this here.     

BBW website can be viewed here.  


  1. So many people at book fair. Kaki gori was nice.

  2. Thai tea flavour Kakigori shaved ice After You nice yah. Set up shop just for that week only.


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