Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Flameback in the City

Common Flameback (Female)
Common Flameback (Female)

Nearly missed this pair of Common Flameback that Saturday afternoon at Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens (renamed as Perdana Botanical Gardens in 2011 according to this news article HERE). Saw the female first as it was feeding alongside the trunk of a huge tree. Heard it calling earlier but couldn't quite spot it until I was about to leave. The male species of Common Flameback was spotted around the same time as this female. The male woodpecker was moving around the trunk of a tree further away from the tree above where the female was. The features of the Common and Greater Flameback are described in detail in Field Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia by Craig Robson and I can just remember to look out for the differences in the nape and sides of the faces. Must learn the names of trees in this side of the park since common names of trees within the Lake Gardens are available in their website HERE. Can hear the audio recordings of this woodpecker HERE. Other birds seen that day were entered into my eBird mobile app and the pictures uploaded later once I had access through my laptop (and Internet of course). Ebird checklist is available HERE.  


  1. Woodpeckers of USA at https://www.audubon.org/news/listen-woodpeckers-making-their-winter-homes-fall


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