Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pretty Pheasants and Partridges

Taiwan Partridge
Dasyueshan had more avian surprises waiting for us. This family of Taiwan Partridges turned up on a sleepy afternoon. They look similar to our Malaysian Hill Partridge of the highlands. However, Taiwan is lucky to have this as their endemic species. Click HERE to read more about Wild Bird Club Malaysia's special encounter with the Malaysian Hill Partridges of Fraser Hill. The Swinhoe Pheasant was another special species which we encountered. Quails, partridges and pheasants are not doing well in South east Asia, according to this article HERE. The researchers in Mongabay article concluded that three Sundaic endemics - the Dulit Partridge (Rhizothera dulitensis), the grey-breasted partridge (Arborophila orientalis) and the Sumatran partridge (Arborophila sumatrana) now live only inside protected areas. Taiwan's Swinhoe Pheasants look to be thriving in the mountain ranges of Daesyushan. 
Taiwan Partridge with reddish tinge on throat
Standing still for a few seconds
Taiwan Partridge looked resplendent
Swinhoe Pheasant behind foliage - its colourful plumage gave it away:)
Looking so turkey-like, this Swinhoe Pheasant
Male and Female (or Juvenile Male?) Swinhoe Pheasant
Male Swinhoe Pheasant with its entourage
Swinhoe dance was performed by a group of ladies during the 9th Asian Bird Fair 2018 opening ceremony in High Heels Park, Chiayi County, Taiwan. You can read more about this HERE.

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  1. Vietnam as part of southeast asia is home to a few pheasant species including the rare Edward's pheasant. Read on at https://www.audubon.org/magazine/winter-2017/in-search-stunning-and-possibly-extinct-edwardss


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