Friday, March 1, 2019

Asian Pied Starling and Incidental Birding

Asian Pied Starling, a lone bird was first spotted foraging on the lawn behind Palace of Golden Horses as I was leaving my office which is nearby this iconic hotel in Mines Resort area. Then a pair showed up and I got my camera ready. This Starling is considered a feral species, and was introduced into Peninsular Malaysia. How so remains a mystery to me. It was described as an invasive species in Japan, the impact on which is unknown and apparently this species has a record of breeding in Tokyo. Read more from National Institute for Environmental Studies website HERE.   
The sighting and more pictures of this Starling species recorded in my checklist through eBird Malaysia, and that checklist is available HERE.
Mangrove Pitta (Learn more about this pitta species via eBird HERE) is one bird I'd like to encounter and it would be such a treat to find it when I least expect to. 

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  1. Some sad news on the declining numbers of Curlews in Ireland at


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