Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bird Song Hero by The Cornell Lab

This is an amazing game-based method to teach an avid birdwatcher like me how to identify a bird's song. Although all the bird species highlighted in this game were "alien" to me since these are common birds in North America, learning their songs was really fun. First time I learn what a spectrometer does. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology game is very informative and educational, even for a Malaysian like me.

The introductory Bird Song Hero page below is displayed before the game starts. 

The Song 1 begins so guess which bird sings it? See below:-

Guess right and you are on your way to Play Song 2 until the 7th and last song for the First Round of the Game as below:-

It's interesting that I can get to learn the songs from other bird species and their spectrometer readings, when I had keyed in the incorrect answers. By the way, look out for the comparison with human whistle! Hope the songs from the Northern Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Common Potoo (one funny-looking bird that with big bulging eyes), Red-chested Cuckoo, Eastern Meadowlarks, Upland Sandpiper and Wood Thrush will remain in my memory. Because if I do visit North America some day, I hope their real calls will trigger something in my brain so that I can start looking out for each of these birds.

Scored 86% on my first try so it's back to the Cornell Lab Bird Song Hero to learn more about American birds and their songs, before I attempt the Ultimate game.

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  1. There were pictures of birds when each of the bird song was correctly identified through this birdsong hero game when i first played it in June 2014. No more pictures when i visited birdsong hero game in July 2014. Just the song and spectogram.


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