Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pergi Ipoh instead of Ipoh Mali

Short weekend trip to Ipoh, Perak to attend my Indian friend's wedding.  It was the loveliest Indian wedding invitation card. The front card depicted a golden-hued outline of a peacock:-

 and when I opened the flap to the left, it revealed the lovely feathers:-

The normal 2-hour journey from KL to Ipoh turned into a crawl from Slim River to Bidor that Saturday afternoon. That additional 1-hour crawl was mind-numbing. Painful reminder to avoid Plus highways on a public holiday (It was the Agong's Birthday that Saturday). Despite the stiff shoulder aches, I was really glad and happy to make it to my friend's wedding dinner which was held in the spacious hall of Chung Tack Chinese School in Kampung Simee, Ipoh.

Ladhus and Kacang Putih mixed with rock sugar were placed on each wedding table and a special section serving vegetarian dishes was made available. My mother being a vegetarian, thoroughly enjoyed the vegetarian dinner. Sunday morning beckoned and with Waze on hand, it was time to explore Ipoh and discover the food trail...   

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  1. Have posted more pictures of the food trail through my Facebook page. Will update this article soon with the link.


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