Monday, April 6, 2015

Birdsong Hero Ultimate

Great game to instill learning by listening to songs of different species of birds (including a Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, a Plover, a Kestrel and even a Robot!) and looking at the spectogram of each birdsong. There was a total of 10 questions in this Ultimate Song version of Bird Song Hero.

First attempt at Ultimate Bird Song Hero, I scored a 90%, but this was a game where players learn from their mistakes. and I got to hear and look at the spectogram of the bird species that was identified wrongly.  The robot sounds off in Ultimate Song No 6 against the Tui and Musician Wren. 
Amazing that these were mainly backyard birds in America. Cornell Lab of Orthnitology continues to do incredible work with such gaming tool to make birdwatching fun and interactive. It was a learning experience for me, giving me a chance to become a kid all over again. Will definitely bookmark this website for a few more repeat games.

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