Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lenga in District of Muar

Lenga in Muar District. Small road leading to this jetty in village. Was only there for a few minutes that 14th Feb 2016, Sunday before continuing my drive towards Pagoh from Sungai Chodan, Paya Pulai, Segamat.

Little heron flew across the river when I was on this small jetty. Didn't see any fishermen plying the river that Sunday morning. 

Tarred road passing by villages and small towns was the road less traveled. Took in much-needed breaks at Sungai Chodan and Lenga, which were scenic riverside stops for me before I entered the Plus North-South Highway at Pagoh exit. Stopped for coffee break at Pagoh Rest Area which was surprisingly very well-equipped with Chatime outlet in the Shell petrol station which had a Shell Deli serving reasonably priced lattes and coffees. Toll fees from Pagoh exit cost me RM24 (from the usual RM13 if I had exited from Simpang Ampat). Paid extra so that I could spend more time birdwatching:) Toll Fare Calculator at PLUS website is a good reference point for planning ahead.  


  1. Federal Government funding for completion of jetty at Lenga River with project completion date of 4th October 2015 according to signboard posting.

  2. There is good restaurant with menu consisting of freshly caught riverfish at Bukit Kepong. Restaurant is near the river and dishes are delicious.


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