Thursday, March 3, 2016

Genting Highlands Birdlife

There was a flock of bulbuls flying around in the mid-levels of the trees growing at Goh Tong Jaya. Black-crested bulbuls were seen and heard, their rich bubbly songs reminding me that I had reached Genting Highlands. The above picture of Stripe-throated bulbul was taken when it perched on a young tree. 

Flock of Munias turned up to feed on this flowering bamboo plant. White-Bellied Munia is my guess based on the Factsheet from Birdlife International's website. Time to flip-through my Birds of Thai-Malay Peninsular by Wells and Birds of Southeast Asia by Craig Robson. 

Black-throated Sunbird (Male) "graciously" posed for my birding friends, Ang, Raj and myself.

Streaked Spiderhunter too appeared and had its mid-morning breakfast before us. 

Nordman's Greenshank on my Birding Sifu's (Ang Teck Hin) car:) Testing out my Panasonic Lumix camera and got great photography tips from both Ang and Raj! Lower the ISO limit when the sun is bright and increase the ISO limit when the surroundings get darker e.g. cloudy, or when dusk sets in or early dawn (before the sun rises). There are many small little knobs and buttons in the Lumix camera which I find baffling. Operations manual is not that user-friendly (it is a booklet, with font size that is smaller than what you are reading now!). Will need many more outings for me to figure out how each of those buttons and knobs, work.  


  1. Nikon P900 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300, were the choices given to me by the Camera Shop in Mid Valley and I chose the latter since it was much lighter than the former. As it is I have to carry a relatively heavy Minox 10 x 42 around my neck so I had to forgo the Nikon that has the highest zoom capacity:(

  2. We go explore Genting Highlands with twins. Bentong is nearby right so we go there too!


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