Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Northern Boobok of Ranibari Community Forest Nepal

A second species of Owls that also found sanctuary in this valuable patch of forest in Ranibari was the Brown Boobok (Ninox Scutulata). EBird option tick was Brown/Northern Boobok. Read about diurnal owls somewhere in my Craig Robson, 2000 edition. Spotted Owlets and Brown Booboks really made my mid-afternoon birdwatching memorable in Kathmandu, Nepal. The last time I saw this Boobok species - it was called Brown Hawk Owl - was during an outing to Penang Hill, a long, long time ago. Time to go look for Field Guide to the birds of the Indian subcontinent, Nepal, Bhutan in the next Big Bad Wolf Sales which should be coming soon to several places in Malaysia this 2018:) Had blogged about my 2017 BBW find HERE.
The Warden at the Community Forest pointed out this sleeping pair to me
The other birds spotted at this Community Forest. Almost all species seen by me in Ranibari Community Forest such as the Yellow-Bellied Fantail, Rose-Ringed Parakeets and Blue-tailed Magpies were my lifers. The full list has been entered into eBird and is available HERE . Nepal hosted an Internet and Domain Name Registries meeting in Kathmandu from February 2018 onwards (just after Chinese New Year public holidays). I was happy to come across the local website "Photos of Nepal" with one of the webpages dedicated to WILDLIFE, which described the Spiny Babbler as being unique to the country which has 900 bird species, 30 of them being globally threatened. Am now wondering which species of bird was introduced to Nepal.....  
Blue-tailed Magpie with one of them carrying a possible nesting material in its beak - Magpies belong to the Crows and Jays species category, the Corvidae well-known for their creative adaptations  
Nesting material looks like a yellow plastic wrapper
Such long tails! I had missed good views of this Magpie species previously in China so seeing this pair more than made up for the disappointment


  1. Dear Yeo, thank you so much for your wonderful article about the Ranibari Community forest. this is one of really nice place for us and we called it "Heart of the Kathmandu city". I always enjoy this place very much and I am please to take you there..

    1. Thanks
      I miss the owls in Kathmandu already

  2. Nepal is home to the tallest mountain in the world - Mount Everest!

  3. Jay species highlighted at http://www.thebirdist.com/2011/11/birds-at-large-big-bang-theory.html


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