Sunday, December 30, 2018

Alishan and its winged beauties

Taiwan Rosefinch was one of the species we saw at Alishan. Seeing this Rosefinch really made my day since I had lasting memory of its picture from Lee Keen Seong's write-up and pictures from Team Wild Bird Club Malaysia's inaugural participation at Daesyushan Bird Race 2016. 
Crested Goshawk
Alishan was part of the Bird Race routes promoted by Taiwan under the Chinese Wild Bird Federation. Read Lee Keen Seong's article at Wild Bird Club Malaysia's website HERE
White-whiskered laughingthrush 
Family mart at the bus station in Alishan where we had our mid-morning break. It was a cold 8 degrees Celsius when 
we arrived for our first mountain birdwatch session at Alishan after leaving Chiayi town at 5.30a
m, Tuesday morning. Collared Bush Robin both male and female were active that morning, as were the White-Whiskered Laughingthrushes. Hearing the latter reminded me so much of the Spectacled and Malayan Laughingthrushes of Malaysian highlands. White-whiskered laughingthrush was the friendliest avian species that morning, hopping along the roadside and feeding on insects in close proximity to us birdwatchers. 

Collared Bush Robin, male perched on top of stone indicator beside the road 

Collared Bush-Robin
Bush-Robin was very accommodating that morning
Collared Bush-Robin looking puffy and fluffy 
The picturesque road along which we birded that cold morning
The White-Whiskered Laughingthrush at the entrance to the road above

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