Monday, December 31, 2018

Glorious Morning in Alishan Taiwan

This mountain range in Taiwan, is made well-known through a Chinese love song about a young lady from mountain tribe in Alishan. We visited a site which is was formerly a railway station stop. CNN story on Alishan Railways and its importance as cultural heritage for Taiwan which can be read HERE. The birds in this area were fast-flying and disappeared into the forest so getting good pictures even through my hand-held camera was difficult. As frustrating as I was, the breath-taking scenery of Alishan with the swirling clouds, passing fogs, blue skies, green pines and fir tree, as below considerably lessened my frustration:- 

It seems this Konishii variety of Fir tree is planted at elevation of 1300 to 2000m. This tree is found in subtropical evergreen, coniferous and mixed broad-leaved forests. Wood is strongly resistant to rot, is not eaten by termites and is used in constructing buildings, bridges, ships and lamp posts, and in furniture manufacture (as described in signboard above). More about this variety of Fir can be read HERE.  
Green-backed Tit

With Miss Juliana Sims from Kuching, Sarawak
Taiwan Barwing - the only shot I could get from my camera before it disappeared
Collared Bush-Robin, male
When there are no passing fogs
No raptors flying by 
Valley below
The morning fog begins to cover half of the Valley
Part of the Abandoned Railway tracks winding into the forest
No train would be passing through these tracks

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  1. Abandoned railway station in Manhattan, nearby New York called the High Line is being repurposed as a horticultural site and the birds recorded there included the American Robin. More at


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