Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Allen J Talk on Brown Bullfinch in Fraser Hill

Mr Allen J updated members of the Wild Bird Club Malaysia about the status of Brown Bullfinch in Fraser Hill, on a very cool and misty Sunday. Brown Bullfinch has not been seen for many years since 1992. He gave us a worldwide preview of this species including the various bullfinches found in Asia and Southeast Asia region. He pinpointed the difference between Brown Bullfinch male and female species from the beautiful illustration in the "Birds of Malay Peninsular" by Robinson and Chasen. I had blogged about this book earlier which had this illustration of the Bullfinch. Possible reasons for the decline of Brown Bullfinch in Fraser Hill and other montane highlands within Malaysia were highlighted by Allen in his final slide.


  1. Must now travel to the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands that can be accessed by car to look for this elusive Bullfinch!

  2. Mr Allen J is the author of the "Field Guide to the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore" which is now into its Second Edition. Publisher is Oxford University Press. Alan Pearson is the second author who has contributed 74 colour plates for this Field Guide.


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