Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 1 Birdwatching in Fraser Hill and Inaugural AGM of Wild Bird Club Malaysia

Attended inaugural Wild Bird Club Malaysia Annual General Meeting on 28th November, Saturday. Parked my car at Kuala Kubu Bahru, and met up with Raj and Ang there. Hopped on Ang's Isuzu Four-Wheel (thanks Ang!) and off we went on an adventure in Fraser Hill. Red-headed trogon, male and female were sighted in Hemmants Trail. Streaked Bulbul seen along 8km long old Gap Road. Alfresco lunch at picnic hut on the way to Pine Resort with home-made curry chicken from Malacca (thanks Raj!).
Fire-tufted Barbet at Jalan Lady Maxwell on a Saturday evening. Had earlier sighted a flock of Starlings flying overhead near exit of Bishop's Trail. Fantastic to learn that our fellow birders had
identified this flock as Purple-Backed Starling during the information-sharing session that Saturday night at Pine Resort. Estimated to be 100+ starlings and this flock was also seen at the new Gap Road.
Started birdwatching in Fraser Hill since 1998. Always feel like my second home. Mountain Scops Owl heard along Old Telekom Loop on Saturday, 28th November 2015. Finally after 17 years of birdwatching in Fraser Hill, I saw this owl for a few minutes before it flew off into the dark of the night. Reached Pine Resort slightly after midnight. Tired but thankful that I got to see the Owl.


  1. Went before to Fraser Hill many years ago with Chee Yin and we stayed in Jelai Highland resort. Weather was very cool that time.

  2. Sadly Jelai Highland Resort has become an eyesore and a white elephant in Fraser Hill

  3. We had nice apple pie at the Smokehouse. Very expensive pie. We also had Tea and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream at Smokehouse too.


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