Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2 Birdwatching in Fraser Hill and Informative Talks

Lesser Racket-Tailed Drongo at Jalan Genting near entrance gate to Fraser Hill. Black & Crimson Oriole was flying nearby as well and perched momentarily on same branch with this pair of Drongo. Breakfast at Pine Resort by 6.30am followed by Talk on "Raptors of Malaysia" by Mr Lim Kim Chye at 7.30am that Sunday morning since it was a very misty morning due to dawn drizzle. Short break for us to birdwatch for over two hours before second talk started at 11am. "Brown Bullfinch" by Mr Allen J. Brown Bullfinch has not been seen in Fraser Hill for many years since 1992. Checked out of Pine Resort after lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon birdwatching near Methodist Bungalow, Jelai highland resort, High Pines (where Brown Bullfinch was last seen - quiet Sunday afternoon with no sight nor sound of the bullfinch that day for us), and Jalan Lady Maxwell. Started raining so we decided to call it a day in Fraser Hill and Ang started the drive down to Kuala Kubu Bahru. Whilst driving down new Gap Road, Ang parked his Isuzu nearby one of bridges since we decided to walk a bit, lo and behold............
Flock of Long-Tailed Broadbills appeared and flew across us along New Gap Road. Eight to ten broad bills. One by one, the broadbill flew further up into the trees after we have had a good few minutes observing it. Luckily Raj and Ang were able to get a few pictures before these broad bills disappeared into the forest. Funny looking bird with its very parrot-like head, bulky green body and long tail (hence its first name) with bluish tinge in the middle. Broad bills were wishing us safe journey back home on Day 2, our last day of birdwatching in Fraser Hill. Friendship was also forged with fellow birders from Malaysia including friends from Singapore and India.

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  1. Brown Bullfinch has been sighted in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. It feeds and is dependent on native conifers, which is getting scarce. So far, its known diet consists of seeds from the pine cones from native conifers. Must make a trip to Cameron Highlands soon to spot this elusive native Malaysian highland bird.


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