Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birdwatching Treasures during CNY 2016 Springclean

The countdown to Chinese New Year 2016 begins! Good old Goat will be making way for the (Fire) Monkey and spring-cleaning for me has begun since first weekend of January 2016. Older editions of my bird books, field guides and reports from Malaysian Nature Society on Important Bird Areas, Milky Storks in Kuala Selangor and some novels have been pledged as donation to the Fraser Hill Community Library which has good website here. Fraser Hill was venue of inaugural Wild Bird Club of Malaysia (WBCM) meeting. More bird books, stamps, coins, badges and stickers will be dusted off ready for distribution amongst friends, nieces and nephews. Am also looking forward to be at Tanjung Tuan (Malacca and Negeri Sembilan) for Raptor Watch 2016. The 2014 promotional material for Fraser Hill International  Bird Race and Raptor Watch were a pleasant find during springcleaning. Old editions of Suara Enggang were also found including a 2007 Suara Enggang with picture of Brown Bullfinch taken by David Lai. Cameron Highlands is on list of places to visit for me. Fingers crossed this elusive bullfinch will turn up to give birdwatchers a memorable Year of (Fire) Monkey 2016!


  1. Suara Enggang has progressed to colour glossy magazine edition. However the print run has ended since there is now an electronic version of the magazine which is available in Suara Enggang's website. Click on Banner Ad for Suara Enggang in my blog. Happy Reading and Viewing the pictures of beautiful birds!

  2. Keep some stickers for the twins!

  3. Your nature-loving friends from Malacca and Negeri Sembilan use to visit Segamat for birdwatching at Paya Pulai area. We had fresh river fish from Sungai Chodan, for dinner at Loong Fong open-air restaurant. Also mangrove crabs from restaurant near Rock Gardens.


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