Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fraser Hill 2005 Bird Race Article

This was an article I sent to MNS when my friends and I participated in the Fraser Hill 2005 International Bird Race. It was to be our final Bird Race as the registration fees shot up almost 100% after 2005. I had a different title for this article and didn't realise the MNS Naturalist editor in 2005 had unilaterally changed the title of my article until I got the magazine. The term "Novice" was used to describe me and I had to admit I did let this word bother me at that time. Eleven years have since passed, all I can do now is smile and read my article to relive sweet memories with my friends. The article was dedicated to my favourite birdwatching venue in Malaysia which is Fraser Hill so to heck with the title. Life is after all a continuous learning process. Sticks and stones may hurt me but words (in this article - one word) won't. Birdwatching has come a long way since 2005 and it is time for me to reconnect with Mother Nature. Was lucky that Ooi Cheng Hock had kindly driven my friends and I up to Fraser Hill in his Volvo. 


  1. Will post page 2 of the Article shortly...

  2. Very windy road to Fraser Hill from Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor. Gets windier from the Gap where the resthouse was. We use to stop for afternoon tea, toast and marmalade at that resthouse. Good memories.

    1. I still remember afternoon tea, scones with fresh cream & srawberries at Ye Olde Smokehouse. The apple pie was pricey though at rm16 per slice. You asked if it was a whole pie - ha ha


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