Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fraser Hill 2005 Bird Race

Page 2 of the Article:-

Bird species count was to me an important objective in Fraser Hill Bird Race. It would be reassuring to know that unique montane species remain well-protected and if the Race continues to highlight this importance objective, then it is an event worthy of national and international stature. The International Union on Conservation Nature (IUCN) has list of threatened species including one for birds and over 10,000 species are listed in IUCN Red List. Birds are important for maintaining healthy ecosystems so it is vital that they are protected and conserved, according to IUCN website.


  1. Rusty Naped Pitta and Malayan Whistling Thrush are the STARS of Fraser Hill. Have seen latter but not the former......yet

  2. Cameron Highlands was colder in my days, when I visited it during my student days in the 60s. I hope the cool weather in Fraser Hill is highly appreciated and agricultural development does not come at the expense of the birds and wildlife there.

  3. You joined this Bird Race in Fraser Hill since my dating days with CS & when we were renting an apartment in Kelana Jaya, many years ago.


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