Monday, May 2, 2016

Therapeutic Birdwatching in my hometown

Common Iora seen feeding quite late that Saturday morning in Tacoma tree that was in full bloom.
Tacoma tree was within the compounds of Land Office in Segamat, Johor. Mid-morning birdwatching around my neighborhood that Saturday morning. Also spotted Tailorbird which was camera-shy that day. Last birdwatching spot for the day as I was returning from Paya Pulai, Segamat particularly from the Recreational Forest of Chodan River. Glad that the river was still flowing and not left bone dry by the El Nino phenomenon that is sweeping across Malaysia at the moment.  
Olive-winged bulbul seen perched for quite a long time at this isolated patch of secondary lowland forest in this village, nearby Recreational Forest of Chodan River. Bulbul flew off for a while and returned to its perch to feed on the fruiting branch of a tree growing near a clump of bamboos. Yellow-bellied Prinia were calling out that morning along the riverside - very verbal and I managed to take a picture of this Prinia below from inside my car.
Dusky Leaf Monkey munching on some shoots and leaves on the ground near the riverside as well. This is the first time I've seen this Leaf Monkey on the ground. Usually see them sitting on branches at mid-level in the trees along this Recreational Forest of Chodan River. Didn't see the Little Green Pigeon that Saturday morning. Saw the individual Green Pigeon perched high on a tree by the riverside during the first week of Chinese New Year 2016.


  1. Such lovely trees in Segamat Land Office.

  2. Giant river prawns, catfish in the rivers of Paya Pulai. Flooded during monsoon season.


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