Thursday, April 21, 2016

Goodbye Cameron Highlands

Fruiting fig tree above looked so promising and we could just imagine birds coming to feed on figs, since figs were strewn all over the road leading to the Lutheran Bungalow. No hornbills calling nor seen that Saturday morning. We encountered bird waves near this tree including the white morph Paradise-Flycatcher. Cameron Highlands is more popularly known for it scenery of undulating green hills comprising of tea estates such as BOH Plantations. There are still pristine montane forests along the road from Mossy Forest entrance before the view changed to that of Mountain Strawberry Farm and tea estate below. Although Cameron Highlands is famous for its tea plantations, vegetable farms and strawberry farms, the birdlife and wildlife deserve our protection. We didn't see the Brown Bullfinch during this trip. A flock has been sighted in Brinchang Mountain before since this bullfinch feeds on cones of native conifers. The birdwatching hunt continues for this bullfinch, Rusty-naped Pitta, Barred Cuckoo-Dove and Wedge-tailed Pigeon......          


  1. Brown Bullfinch was on the front page of Suara Enggang 2007 edition and I had blogged about this at

  2. Scones with strawberry jam & fresh cream for tea in Cameron Highlands would be yummy


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