Thursday, July 14, 2016

Black-thighed Falconet and Wild Birds of Kuala Pilah Negeri Sembilan

Black-thighed falconets, three (3) of them were spotted that Saturday morning on top of tree with dead branches. Initially spotted a pair of the falconets (see picture below). The third falconet flew in much later and was perched right behind the second falconet (see pictures above). Also saw a Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo perched on tree opposite the road, with one of its tail missing. Gold-Whiskered Barbet was pecking away at a big hole of another tree nearby the Drongo. 
Cream-vented bulbul was feeding in the same tree as the flock of Little Green Pigeons. Further along the road, we spotted a tree laden with quinine fruits. We headed uphill towards the Orang Asli settlement. Sooty (Brown) Barbets were hopping about in a tree below. It looked to be the same fruiting tree in which the flock of Little Pigeons had been feeding on earlier downhill. 

Sooty Barbets were very active that mid-morning hopping about, turning upside down to feed on the fruits of the tree below:-
Verditer Flycatcher was also out and about that Saturday mid-morning in the forests of Kuala Pilah.
Black-naped Monarch was very vocal that morning. Singing away on the branch below. The calls of the Great Argus resounded throughout the forests of Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan as we neared the dirt road leading to the Orang Asli settlement. Heard the Great Argus calling again in the afternoon and evening.

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  1. Falconets look so small. Kuala Pilah is popular for their salted duck eggs, petai and local cakes.


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