Thursday, July 21, 2016

Scarlet Rumped Trogon and Mystery Owl of Kuala Pilah

Scarlet-rumped Trogon spotted at eye-level as we were driving out of the forest. Ang called out this bird and we scrambled out of his four-wheel Isuzu to get a closer look of this trogon.
The trogon perched for quite a while for us to marvel at its fiery red colours. There are 33 species of Trogons worldwide and 7 species which occur in Malaysia, according to Wikipedia List of Birds in Malaysia. Some snapshots of this red and black beauty, amidst the green trees above and below:-
There was a good supply of caterpillars in the forest of Kuala Pilah. The Ruby-Cheeked Sunbird was seen constantly feeding on these caterpillars.

The Rufescent Prinia and Stripe-throated Bulbuls were some of the birds seen earlier in the morning.

We heard the owl calling out just as we were about to exit the Kuala Pilah forest and reservoir. It was already 7pm at that time. We would have loved to stay on and to catch a sight of this mystery owl. However the journey back to Malacca and Segamat, Johor could not be delayed any longer. The exact identity of the owl, as such, remains a mystery and we took its hooting calls as a goodbye sign (as well as a "See you at Kuala Pilah forest on another day").


  1. Owls in the forest? Interesting

  2. The Great Argus was also heard calling throughout the day. Interesting status on this species at


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