Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wild Birds of Taman OUG Kuala Lumpur

Red-Whiskered Bulbul. Two seen that Saturday morning.
Pink-Neck Green Pigeon (Male) which rested for a long time on this tree before making a return trip to the fruiting fig tree for second (maybe even third) helpings of fruits. Flocks of green pigeon that Saturday morning. Couldn't locate the Jambu Fruit Dove that day amongst these flocks.
Red junglefowl strutting its stuff along the slopes of a small hill in this vacant lot. It walked upwards and disappeared from our sight within minutes.
Pink-Neck Green Pigeon (Female) was amongst the flock of green pigeons.

Residential Bungalow owners John and Joanna kindly allowed us to birdwatch within the gardens of their home in Taman OUG Kuala Lumpur. Their residence overlooked a vacant lot where a fruiting fig tree was attracting birds like bees to a honey pot.

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