Sunday, February 26, 2017

Goh Tong Jaya Genting Highlands on a Saturday afternoon

Flowerpeckers are some of the loveliest birds in Malaysia and this Fire-breasted flowerpecker is no exception:) Road up the Water Catchment area next to Police Station at Gohtong Jaya front gate was partially open so I drove and parked just outside the entrance gate. It was already mid-afternoon that Saturday so I didn't expect many birds to be active at that time. The mini bird wave was a pleasant find further up the road with the leafbird, flowerpecker, malkoha, minivets, flycatcher-shrike all showing up in a short space of time. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Fire-breasted Flowerpecker was the prelude to the bird wave. Unlike the flowerpecker which stayed on same branch for quite a long period of time (hopped to its left and right all the time on that branch), the bird wave moved further up along the trees towards the water catchment area. 

                             The Green-billed Malkoha (1 individual seen as in pic above), Blue-Winged Leafbird (a pair of male and female), Grey-chinned Minivet (one male and several females), Bar-winged Flycatcher-Shrike were part of the bird wave. I wanted to follow this wave all the way up towards the upper end of the road but a local on a motorcycle who was driving along, saw me and informed me I wasn't allowed to walk on this road. I explained to him that I was only birdwatching and that I would be making my way down towards my car soon before he drove away - phew! 
Grey-chinned Minivet (male) below:-

I kept my promise and started walking downwards along the road. The Black-thighed Falconet perched on this leaf-less tree was the final bird seen that late afternoon. There was a pair of Falconet, with one fluttering away a few minutes after I had caught sight of both these raptors. 

                                                                                                                                                                          Black-thighed Falconet is one of the smallest birds of prey in the world and seeing it as I was about to reach my car, was a perfect ending to my birdwatching session alongside this road. This falconet species never ceases to amaze me:)       

The rain-clouds could just suddenly pass over the skies above Goh Tong Jaya. Thankfully, I had reached my car just in time before the drizzle began. The blue patch of sky was still visible and it gave me hope that I could continue to birdwatch at Goh Tong Sports Centre before I left for KL.

One peregrine falcon flew pass over the Mawar apartments Gohtong Jaya as I arrived at Gohtong Sports Centre, my final birdwatching area in Genting Highlands. Streaked Spiderhunter was in action late Saturday afternoon, feeding on the nectar of the flowers which were growing right on top of this tree (below) in front of the Sports Centre:-
Large woodshrike, (a pair) flew by quite low and one of this woodshrike perched for a while at a fir-like tree (see below). Also seen were the Blue-throated Bee Eater (a pair), a flock of Everett's White-eyes and two unidentified raptor species. One of the raptor was flying in a straight line just above the hills behind the Mawar apartments and Sports Centre whereas the second one was thermalling before both disappeared behind the hills. Ended my birdwatching by 6pm, had dinner at Ratha's Curry House (famous chain from Raub), and left Goh Tong Jaya by 6.40pm. Pair of Peregrine Falcon that were seen the day before were reported in my blog earlier.


  1. Wondering why there are so many mozzies outside Awana Genting Highlands - especially within their garden compounds. Ample parking space in Goh Tong Sports Centre with bunches of pandan leaves growing wild near the underground level - I parked here and there was a lovely waft of pandan in that corner of that parking lot when I got out of my car.

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