Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gunung Ledang - stopover on journey home for Chinese New Year 2017

Raptor which looks like a Changeable Hawk Eagle spotted perched on this electrical pylon tower. Eagle calls below....
Bird of prey surveys its domain, an oil palm plantation. Dollarbird was also spotted perched high up on one of the electrical wires. I passed by the Ledang Water Treatment Plant and drove a little bit further to see whether the route would reconnect to the Sagil trunk road. Nothing but oil palm trees deterred me from venturing further. Time was not in my favour so I had to discontinue the short detour from Sagil. My hometown Segamat was affected by pre-Chinese New Year 2017 floods and I had to reach home soon.....

Daurian Starling (1 individual) sighted during my toilet stop at Ayer Keroh Selatan R and R mid-morning around 10am.

I passed by this signboard leading to the Orang Asli settlement Air Tawas in district of Tangkak but again time (and flood situation in Segamat) did not allow me to venture further. Majestic Ledang mountain in the distance which I stopped to marvel for a few minutes. Never knew there was an entrance to the Ledang National Park from Sagil! RM5 was charged as entrance fee for Malaysian visitor and hiring a guide was mandatory for climbing purpose.  


  1. Yeo the raptor is a possible Black Eagle

    1. I'll re-read my Craig Robson Birds of South East Asia:) Mike Birder the last time I saw the Black Eagle was in Fraser Hill and that was many years ago......

  2. This hawk-eagle in Ledang is very fierce-looking.


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