Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ulu Kali Genting Highlands

Male Siberian Thrush hopping on the ground of the radar station. Montane birds were out and about this Saturday morning, perching on the wired fences around the radar station in Ulu Kali, Genting Highlands. The Himalayan Cutia was reported to have been seen at this site by 8.15am in the morning.  

More pictures of this male Siberian Thrush in action below:-

Ulu Kali all aglow with bright rays of the sun by 9am below:-

Grey Wagtail flew into the vicinity of the radar station and perched on barbed wire of the fence.
Mountain Leaf Warbler in action below. Seen it feeding on tiny insects, moths and butterflies. Breakfast buffet spread at Ulu Kali that Saturday morning for this montane bird!  
This was also the first time I get to see the Mt Leaf Warbler out in the open. Usually seen in thick undergrowth and in upperparts of trees. It was a real joy to see this Warbler at eye-level for me!
The Spectacle Laughingthrush was having a good morning exercise hopping about the grounds too:-
Snowy-browed Flycatcher, male and female pair were hunting for breakfast that morning at Ulu Kali:-
Female Snowy-browed Flycatcher below
Rocky outcrop laden with trees, ferns - amazing greenery within Genting Highlands, which is rare.

 Mountain bulbul above, and perched on the branch of the trees by the roadside below:- 
Mountain bulbul's olive green wings become more prominent as the sun shines on it:)
Views from Ulu Kali as I headed back down to Goh Tong Jaya by 10am. Heartening to experience nature even in a place that is more well-known for theme parks, casino and concerts.

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