Sunday, March 13, 2016

7th Day of Raptor Count 2016

Two (2) Chinese Sparrowhawks/Goshawks outside Kin Villa spotted at 7.40am as we headed out for breakfast on Day 7th of the official Raptor count. The count started on 29th February 2016. Goodbye and safe journey to our friends from Singapore, Jacky, Andy, Han and Alyce. We had a good dinner together with them on Saturday night at Kim's Restaurant in Port Dickson Waterfront (and ice-cream at CocoMoo in Weng Yin's for dessert:). Our Singaporean friends left Tanjung Tuan after breakfast as myself, OT and CY headed to the Tanjung Tuan lighthouse. Hawksbill turtle came up for air amongst the rocky waters below the lighthouse that Sunday. Schools of fish were seen around these waters since yesterday Saturday.
The Cherry Tree (and parasol) below provided us much protection against the blazing sun that weekend.
The peaceful dove just outside of Kin Villa, looking for breakfast. At the lighthouse, a Common Myna was splashing about on a plate of water left outside for it by the lighthouse staff. Interesting to observe this Javan Myna coming later to chase away the Common Myna. The Common Myna sounded very agitated when it flew off and the sound it made was very different from the Javan. My Garden Birdwatch 2015 infographic made an interesting finding about the Common and Javan Myna since the latter is becoming an invasive species in Malaysia, with the former not being so "Common" anymore.
Whilst waiting for the OHBs to arrive, there were a few fishing boats out and about in the Malacca Straits that Sunday morning. Also noticed a jetski hauling a banana float, zooming past the rocky waters and shudder to think what would happen if tourists were actually on that float and fell off into whirlpools......... 
The White-Bellied Sea-Eagle, the largest local raptor in Malaysia was flying high that Sunday morning.

The rocky waters looked deceptively calm that Sunday. Aqua blue colours of the sea contrasted with the green slope of hill on which the lighthouse stood was beautiful indeed. 1,525 OHBs were counted from 11am to 6pm that Sunday, 6th March 2016.

More pictures of the majestic White-Bellied Sea Eagle below as a passing plane flew overhead. 

There was a lovely Frangipani tree growing in the opposite house of Kin Villa with pink flowers. Lineated Barbet hopped into this tree last Saturday evening. The barbet's green plumage was a perfect camouflage against the green leaves and I couldn't focus my camera in time to take a picture of it, as it flew away. Photographing birds is challenging and yet a camera (other than a bino and field guide) is an important tool to gain a better understanding of and greater appreciation for these winged wonders.


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