Friday, March 4, 2016

Genting Highlands Flora and Fauna

Siberian Thrush. Lifer for me and to see this migrant species along tarred road (as spotted by Ang Teck Hin) on a misty morning was a joy indeed! First bird that greeted us before we started walking along the length of this tarred road. What a GREAT start to Sunday's birdwatching session. Ang has clearer picture of this Siberian Thrush including the Large-Tailed Nightjar, Yellow-Bellied Warbler, and other birds of Genting Highlands at his Facebook page.

Snowy Browed Flycatcher (Male). He would fly out together with his female partner, and hops around much more at ground-level compared to the female snowy browed.

Mountain Bulbul feeding on fruits of this tree that misty Sunday morning. We saw flocks of these bulbuls on a previous outing in late 2015. This time around only two bulbuls were seen.

Mountain Bulbul from another angle. We had to wait for the mists to clear for quite some time. The sun only came out of the clouds in Ulu Kali that Sunday after 1pm with occasional mists passing through that area.

Beautiful montane flowers at Genting Highlands. Also saw pitcher plants but these were dried plants since it was facing the full brunt of the hot sun.

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  1. Awana Genting Highlands - met a group of birdwatchers from Singapore during our final stop there that Sunday evening. Good to see them so enthusiastic about the birds of GH.


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