Friday, March 4, 2016

Spot the Tailorbird in Genting Highlands

This was the only decent-looking picture of the Mountain Tailorbird, out of the many pictures I had to delete from my Panasonic Lumix. This montane tailorbird species was so flitty that I just pointed my camera at this patch of ferns and clicked away. I call this the "Peekabo" Mt Tailorbird pose:) My Birding Sifu Ang Teck Hin and Birding Kaki Raj caught much better and clearer pictures of this Tailorbird. For Ang's Facebook page, see my previous posting on "Genting Highlands Flora and Fauna."

Bamboo Orchid of Genting Highlands. Rajaram's Chicken Curry with Bread he brought from Malacca tasted extra delicious in the highlands as we had lunch on a very misty day. Mrs Rajaram Chicken Curry is also something I look forward to in our birdwatching outings! I will bring the desserts in our next outing as promised to Ang Teck Hin:)


  1. Bamboo orchids are growing abundantly in Fraser Hill too. Wonder if bamboo orchids can still survive in Cameron Highlands...

  2. We go explore Goh Tong Jaya in Genting Highlands soon. Take kids to Strawberry Farm.


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