Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fraser Hill Outing with Wild Bird Club of Malaysia

Fraser Hill, the Little England of Malaysia (the place which rekindled my love for birdwatching) was the destination point for the Wild Bird Club of Malaysia's first outreach program. It was a joint event with Fraser Hill Community Library, on 11th June 2016. The second day, 12th June was all about the birds. Maye and myself went around Fraser Hill after early morning spent at Seri Berkat admiring the birds that flocked outside the bungalow, feeding on the insects that were on the roofs and walls of the bungalow, as well as on the tarred road, and all over my car. We went looking for the Wedge-tailed (Green) Pigeon but it didn't show up that morning. We continued birdwatching along Jalan Lady Maxwell, the Old Gap Road before making one last unscheduled birding stop at Richmond Bungalow. Both Maye and myself  saw some of the best birds at this last stop.   

Two Malaysian Laughingthrushes.
First there were three Malaysian Hill-Patridges. I was so focused on the Emerald Dove when Maye announced their presence. Lucky she mentioned them because I was literally awe-struck when one by one the Hill-Patridges appeared from behind the slope, and started pecking around the ground, feeding alongside their lunch buddy, the Emerald Dove. It was after all nearly lunchtime:)
Three beautiful MHPs of Fraser Hill.
Still trying to find the video function in my Panasonic Lumix but to no avail. I was just too excited and awe-struck by the appearance of these Hill-Patridges!
One of the Malaysian laughingthrush got too close to the Emerald Dove's "territory" and was chased away by this Dove. One feisty Dove!
Emerald Dove really lives up to its name. Used to be called Green-winged Pigeon.
Solitary dove feeding on the grounds near Richmond Bungalow
Almost noon when we ended our birdwatching session in Fraser Hill.


  1. Patridges look like little chickens.

  2. I presumed you were in the car or expose in the open

  3. Male Emerald Dove in this picture. Female has brown crown and nape according to Allen J and Pearson's Guide.


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